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Roxane Ursomarzo, Reflexology

Education & Courses

Ontario College of Reflexology       Certified Reflexologist

Access Consciousness                       Certified Access Bars Practitioner

Roxane has recently joined the health care industry, she plans to create an awareness and healthy balance for the mind, body and soul.

Reflexology is another beneficial form of holistic alternative therapy.  It is also a very effective proactive approach to your health.

Reflexology  is a focused pressure technique performed on the hands or feet which incorporates zones and reflexes that relate to every  part, gland and organ of the entire body.  By stimulating these nerve endings you are clearing any potential blockages along your nervous system.  Treatment benefits include but are not limited to enhanced circulation, balance of metabolisms, stress relief, and clears toxins.  Overall the goal is promoting the natural function of your whole body.


Reflexology and Access Bars are just the beginning. They are the base and first step to aid healing and rejuvenating your mind, body and soul.

“I encourage you to share this journey with me and benefit from all I have to offer.” – Roxane