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Qi Gong Classes

Orthopaedic Sport Institute is offering Qi Gong classes every Saturday from 10:00am – 11:00am.  The classes will be held at 500 Ontario Street in our Gym.   Our teacher is  Dimitri Tkhinvaleli, D.O.M.P, C.H., R.M.T., C.Z.S.P., Senior Instructor at Canadian Kuo Shu Martial Arts Federation and Chung Wah Kung Fu Martial Arts (Mississauga).





The importance of self-awareness and pre-requisites of true health.  Brief history of Qi Gong.  What is Qi Gong?  Clearing misconceptions, learning about life cultivation principle.  Anatomy and Physiology of Qi Gong.  Various types of Energy.  Various Qi Gong methods, medical, martial, philosophical.  Levels of Qi Gong learning.  Importance of regular training as a major requirement to steadily growing health and wellness.  Practice feeling your own Qi, aspects of health and longevity Qi Gong.

The fee for the class will be $80.00 per month.  There will be 3 sessions in this course.  The first session will be 2 months and the 2nd and 3rd session will be 3 months.  Everyone who is participating should wear exercise clothing and indoor running shoes.

After completing the course, you will receive a certificate.

Your first session is complementary.  If you are interested in attending any classes please call (705) 467-0701 or email

Our greatest assets are our health, physical, mental and emotional balance.  This program will fundamentally strengthen you on all levels – physical, energetically, and spiritual.

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