I was referred to the clinic for a shoulder injury at work. I saw Darryl first and then the surgeon Dr.Cheng. She operated on the shoulder in December 2014 and repaired the tear. I was in rehab with Darryl and Todd for about three months. I would say that they all were very professional and made the whole experience as pleasant as it could be. They are an extremely nice bunch of people, including the office staff and the whole place has a friendly, warm atmosphere. I really appreciate the skill and kindness that they showed me. I would highly recommend them all.”

“Dr. Cheng was able to see me right after my knee injury and council me on how to relieve the pain and get back to normal activities. Dr. Starr helped with my exercises and strengthening my leg and bringing “Balance” back to my leg. Thank you to both for helping me through this injury.”

“I attended at the Clinic on the advice of my doctor.  After once session with Darryl I was well on my way to recovery and after two sessions my back pain is virtually gone.  Darryl was most helpful in giving my exercise homework.

“Ive been a patient at the Orthopaedic Sport Institute for close to 8 months now. The admin staff are very friendly and helpful. I cannot say enough about the professional staff and their dedication to assisting me with my recovery. If you are looking for a clinic to help you look no further.”

“I had a great treatment by Darryl Novotny to improve my neck and shoulder issues. The facilities are amazing and the location fantastic. There is no need to go any where else, with the expert list of professionals on site.”

“On Tuesday August 11th! It will be the one year anniversary since my bi-lateral knee replacement journey began…..my knees are “Perfect” thanks to Dr. Olivia Cheng. I am now stronger, faster, lighter, straighter!!! Words cannot express my gratitude! You gave me my life back!”

“I have nothing but the best to say about Olivia. She is great and fixed my shoulder like it was new. I had considerable damage to my clavicle and required a steel plate and many screws to repair it. I was absolutely amazed as to how quickly I recovered and how much use I currently have. I injured myself on Jan. 31st while skiing and I am now getting set to hike through the jungles of Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize exploring the Mayan ruins and culture. I would never have been able to have attended this trip without Olivia’s excellent skill and care. Many, many thanks. :)”

“Dr. Cheng’s reputation proceeded our first meeting. We were told that she was one of the best new surgeons out of Toronto. I was very unhappy with the run around I got from my previous surgeon who did not pay attention to my needs or pain. After meeting Dr.Cheng, who I found to be interested and understanding of my situation, we had to wait for a while for a surgery slot. When my first knee was done I was happy to hear that this was the right surgery for me and that she would schedule my other knee soon. My second knee had to be done because of the new nerve pain after the first leg was straightened. In summary, this the first year anniversary of the first operation. I did my physiotherapy as prescribed and I am very happy with my new knees. Dr. Cheng follows up with you in the hospital and afterwards and is very interested in you healing.”

“This was my second hip replacement done by Dr Olivia Cheng. Last year I had my right hip replaced after many months of pain. The surgery went very well. Dr Cheng brought me back to having a full life agin. She has the best bedside manor I have ever incountered, always smiling and happy. This year I have had My left hip replaced, again I cannot express my pleasure with how my operation and follow ups have gone. She is not only a great physcian but a great person.Thanks agin for helping me get my life back again.”

“Dr. Starr was great. My back was hurting so bad that I could barely walk. Dr. Starr fitted me into his schedule. He spent a great deal of time explain to me about the cause of my back pain. He treated my back pain with acupuncture. He also adjusted my back. I felt amazing after my appointment. Thank you Dr. Starr.”

“Great team of professionals. I received amazing treatment from Dimitri. I highly recommend the clinic.”