Re-Opening Orthopaedic Sport Institute

Hello to everyone! All of us here at OSI have been patiently waiting (like everyone in pandemic lockdown) for word from the government about the date we can reopen the clinic. Please note the following excerpts from the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario and the MOH: Effective May 26, 2020, physiotherapists and other regulated health […]

Appointments at the Orthopaedic Sport Institute

We thank everyone for their patience as we proceed during these unprecedented times. We know everyone has questions about when we can open once again for appointments, surgeries etc. The office is proceeding to ensure that it will be safe for everyone to come in for their appointments. As soon as we can accommodate appointments, […]

Prepare and Prevent with Prehab

As Canadians we have the pleasure of experiencing four seasons which are each accompanied by their own unique challenges. Perhaps the most challenging of seasons, especially as we age, is upon us. Winter can be a difficult time for some as it welcomes snow and ice maintenance around the home, along with unpredictable walking and driving conditions. At the […]

Complete Concussion Management

Orthopaedic Sport Institute is an official Complete Concussion Management™ clinic. Concussions have become the focus for both professional and amateur athletes around the world, and OSI will continue to be at the forefront of concussion diagnosis, management, and rehabilitation with this collaboration. We utilize a comprehensive, multi-modal approach to concussions, based on current advances in concussion research. […]


The importance of being physically active at all ages is often emphasized and arguably becomes of greater importance as we age. The Orthopaedic Sport Institute is now offering personal training in the form of private and group training to those of all ages, fitness levels, and athletic experience. The trainers at Orthopaedic Sport Institute have experience […]


“With age comes wisdom”.  “If I only knew then what I know now”.  “The Golden Years”. There certainly are enough euphemisms that imply aging is a wonderful and fulfilling experience.  However, many are now coming to realize that as more time passes, we tend to lose more of what we truly enjoy.  Aging comes with its fair share […]