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Dr. James McCrimmon


Dr. James McCrimmon was born and raised in Toronto, attending Lawrence Park CI. Upon graduation, he attended several learning institutions beginning with University of Western Ontario. After travelling the world, he started a successful practice in Toronto which won several awards including Chiropractor of the Year, and Clinic of the Year for five years sequentially. His practice focused on new injuries and rehabilitation with an emphasis on sports. His clientele included NHL players, Olympians and the National Ballet, plus it was the gateway for all MGM studio employees who were filming in Toronto.

In 2006, he moved to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after he was head hunted to work in a hospital. For two years he created a very successful rehabilitation branch of the hospital. After his son was born in KSA, they moved to Qatar where he completed the Saudi, Bahraini, and Qatari Ethics and By-laws for Chiropractic in addition to the Codes of Conduct. After his daughter was born, they moved back to Ontario, in Collingwood where he continued his chiropractic journey.

In 2012 he started Collingwood Vertical, a vertical farm project focused on specific foods designed for people with cancer. That same year he was accepted into medical school; two years in Antigua and three in the US, primarily Manhattan, but also Atlanta, Charlotte, East Lancing and Streetsboro. He returned back to Collingwood to take care of his wife who had been diagnosed with cancer until 2020 when she passed. He has focused all his efforts on his children ever since. He as a BA in philosophy from UWO, a BSc in science from Ryerson University, a BSc in anatomy from Parker University, a DC from Parker University, a MSc HHS from AUA and has a final board exam to finish his MD from AUA.

With a combination of manual therapy, active conditioning and patient education of injuries, Dr. McCrimmon is confident that clients can achieve their health and wellness goals.  He is versed in nine different chiropractic techniques and uses modalities when beneficial.


Bachelor of Arts – University of Western Ontario
Bachelor of Science in Human Anatomy – Parker University
Bachelor of Science – Ryerson University
Masters of Human Health Sciences – American University of Antigua
Doctor of Chiropractic – Parker University
Medicine (MD) – American University of Antigua (pending)

Professional Affiliations

Canadian Chiropractic Association (CCA)
Ontario Chiropractic Association (OCA)
American Chiropractic Association (ACA)
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Council for Health Specialists
Qatar Chiropractic Association