The importance of being physically active at all ages is often emphasized and arguably becomes of greater importance as we age. The Orthopaedic Sport Institute is now offering personal training in the form of private and group training to those of all ages, fitness levels, and athletic experience. The trainers at Orthopaedic Sport Institute have experience training athletes and non-athletes alike, in the younger, middle-aged, and elderly population.

Our exercise classes are available to anyone seeking to maintain or improve their health in a small group setting. The group classes promote an enjoyable, friendly, and motivating approach to exercise, while allowing everyone to push themselves at their own pace. The classes focus on all aspects of physical fitness in a functional manner that can be directly applied to everyday activities. Resistance exercise, cardiovascular training, mobility, balance, and coordination are the main focal points of the group sessions. Despite being a group session, the classes are programmed to allow individuals to scale the difficulty and intensity according to their fitness goals and abilities. An initial private assessment is conducted before joining the class to determine current fitness level, strengths and weaknesses, injuries, and individual fitness goals.

Private training is also available, where a program will be created entirely catered to the individual’s needs and goals. Our trainers are experienced in individualized program design and training those of all ages and athletic backgrounds.

For more information about our group exercise classes and private training sessions, please contact the Orthopaedic Sport Institute at (705) 467-0701 or

Jordan McCarl, H. BScKin, CSCS

Strength & Conditioning Trainer

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