Re-Opening Orthopaedic Sport Institute

Hello to everyone! All of us here at OSI have been patiently waiting (like everyone in pandemic lockdown) for word from the government about the date we can reopen the clinic.

Please note the following excerpts from the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario and the MOH:

Effective May 26, 2020, physiotherapists and other regulated health professionals can, when all necessary precautions and protocols are in place to protect patients and themselves, gradually and carefully begin providing all services, including non-essential services.

What this change means for physiotherapists and other regulated health professionals?

This change does not mean that you should immediately return to providing care in-person.

Regulated Health Professionals and their employers must assess the risks of providing care in-person and implement appropriate infection control and prevention measures.

You are ONLY permitted to provide in-person care when you are satisfied that the benefits of providing care in-person outweigh the risks and appropriate infection control and prevention measures are in place.

You should monitor the spread of COVID-19 in your community to inform your decisions of when to return to practice. Refer to data from the Ontario Government, Public Health Ontario and your local public health unit.

We are REQUIRED to limit the number of in-person visits for your safety and the safety of patients. Health professionals are in the best position to determine if care can be provided virtually and or if care can safely resume in-person with appropriate precautions and protocols in place to protect you and your patients.

Here at OSI, we are going to be implementing the following measures to ensure the safety of our patients and of our staff:

We are scheduling appointments for 30 minutes in length, but providing 15 minutes in between each appointment for appropriate disinfection of the treatment area and to minimize patient contact (i.e. maintain physical distancing measures for our patients).

We are asking each patient to wait outside prior to entering the building – you can either phone us upon arrival or you will be waved in by our front desk staff in order to minimize contact between patients. This will permit a smooth transition between patients and avoid congestion in the waiting area.

Each patient should, upon arrival for their first appointment (post COVID lockdown), fill out a COVD-19 Screening Tool. This is a standard form used to monitor travel, symptoms etc. Please sign and date this form.

Please wear a mask.

Please sanitize your hands upon entering the building, upon leaving your treatment and prior to using any POS pay machines.

We will be installing 30″ high glass at the front desk to minimize droplet transmission.
Therapists, at this time, will be working from separate treatment rooms and days to minimize inter-patient contact.

As indicated above, this will be a slow and measured process of opening the clinic. It would not be prudent or safe for us to open the doors and resume treatment or classes in the manner provided prior to this pandemic. We will do everything we can to provide a safe and smooth transition over the course of June and, with your patience and understanding, implement a system in which you can receive excellent care with minimal risk of exposure.

Please understand that we cannot realistically fit everyone in for treatments immediately. We will do our best to schedule you in a reasonable time frame and develop a regular protocol to ensure your recovery.

Like you, we are looking forward to a “return to normal”. Stay well and see you all soon!

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