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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Services
at Orthopaedic Sport Institute

Our chiropractic team focuses on helping people who are committed to their own health and wellness. We strive to provide superior care to individuals of all ages who are looking for a natural and effective way to improve their physical function, reduce pain, and prevent or treat any injuries or conditions.

Our experienced practitioners understand the power of both physical and emotional health, which is why we take our time getting to know each patient so that we can create a plan designed specifically for them. With both routine treatments and tailored advice from our chiropractors, our patients have seen real results that have improved their quality of life.

Our Chiropractic Team is trained to treat our patients with numerous techniques, including:

  • Joint mobilizations
  • Joint adjustments
  • Active Release Techniques®
  • Myofascial release techniques
  • Pain relieving modalities
  • Acupuncture
  • Strength training
  • Nutritional counselling
  • Custom knee bracing

Our Chiropractors take a multi-faceted approach to rehabilitation by combining manual therapy, modalities, and exercise to help their patients achieve their optimal health.

Our Chiropractors

At the Orthopaedic Sport Institute, you’ll find a team of highly skilled and experienced chiropractors.

Take the time to read the biographies and get to know our team.

Dr Todd Starr

Dr. Todd Starr

dr james mccrimmon

Dr. James McCrimmon


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Orthopaedic Sport Institute is a multidisciplinary rehabilitation clinic that applies an exercise-based approach to all injuries. Our allied health disciplines include Physical Therapy, Chiropractic Care, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Exercise Therapy, Pedorthist, Advanced Foot Care, and Orthopaedic Surgery Consultation.