Our team of rehabilitation professionals are trained specifically in the treatment of sports injuries.  At OSI, our healthcare practitioners work together to treat patients who have been injured skiing, mountain biking, running, and training at the gym.  Regardless of your age or level of activity, we can develop a program that will progress you through every stage of recovery:

  • acute pain and inflammation management
  • chronic pain management
  • restoration and maintenance of range of motion
  • gradual strength progression of injured and complementary muscles
  •  sport-specific retraining to progress the athlete from a non-competitive state to a competitive one

Your rehabilitation will begin with a thorough assessment by one of our regulated healthcare professionals (physiotherapist, chiropractor, massage therapist).  Based on your injury, a treatment plan will be developed that will combine manual therapy, pain relieving modalities, and exercise to begin your return to sport.

Once healthy, you will have access to our Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist Jordan McCarl.  His extensive experience as an athlete and personal trainer, in combination with your treating therapist, will provide the best possible outcome for your rehabilitation.